How do I add skins to tlauncher


Playing around with the default skin may be tiresome and dull, therefore it”s worth thinking about adding his own skin in a discreet approach. This how-to shows you through the entire treatment, which takes less than five minutes and, contrary to common perception, will leave your skin looking and feeling wonderful for a long time. You must, of course, use our launcher to download TLauncher from the basically home page.

Register and login

You must register on the site in order to continue using these login credentials in the launcher. Go to the registration page and fill out the needed information.


After registration, you will be sent to your profile, where you may install not just the skin, but also the cape (for Premium members only).


When you click “Upload skin,” you’ll be able to select a skin file from your computer. 64×32 pixels is a good size to use (unless of course you purchased the Premium with which it is possible to install HD skins, i.e. skins with high resolution). You may also select from our catalogue, which is full of lovely items.


Install the box next to “Accounts” with our preferred TLauncher that you have previously downloaded. Open the from list, select “manage,” and proceed to the login page by clicking on the tab accounts, which in your instance states “No accounts.”


On this page, you’ll input the information you provided during registration, such as your username, email address, and password. The “Save” button initiates an auto-resume.


If authorisation is successful, your username will appear on the main page of the launcher with the icon TL. Select any version with a TL icon (which indicates that it supports our skin system) from the list and launch it. Your skin will be in the game!


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